a trip through video games

available 28/09/2022 for PC/MAC on Steam

Enionax is sent back to 1980 — the dawning of video games — due to a mistake.

Revisit the various eras of video games with humour :

Be ready for a travel into video game history ! Help Enionax come back to our time by going through the various levels/eras of platformers. You will have to walk through various supports to come back to our time.

Try to find out all the easter eggs in the game.

Enionax was made by video game lovers for video games lovers. You ll find lot of esater egg from old or actual video game

Go through various gameplays as times change.

From Pong to actual 2D plateformer gameplay, you'll through various gameplays. You love 8 bits game ? Great you'll have ! You prefer portable 8 bits ? Great too. Or no what you want is first 32bits plateformer game ? It's a little bit strange but ok you'll have all of if in Enionax and more... ;)